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Capri Collection clothes are sold throughout Scandinavia. We have several attractive sales arrangements for retailers.

Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you enjoy meeting people? If so, you could have great success selling our clothes. You decide how much time you want to invest and how much you want to earn. Sound interesting?

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 As a retailer of Capri Collection clothing and accessories, you decide your own working hours. You present the collection at workplaces and companies and/or invite customers to gatherings where they can try the clothes on at leisure with their friends and get all the help and advice they need from you.


It is vitally important that you, as a distributor – and ultimately your customers too – are satisfied with the quality of our clothing. To put it simply, satisfied customers are likely to come back and buy more. To make sure our customers are really satisfied, our products go through rigorous quality control and testing.

We design all the garments ourselves and carefully select fabrics that suit each individual garment. Our collections are carefully planned and can be matched in almost limitless combinations. We closely monitor the latest trends and aim to create highly fashionable clothes, but we ultimately choose the products we feel will sell best to customers – both yours and ours.

Last but not least, we focus strongly on giving customers excellent prices. Our products are exclusive and good value without compromising on quality. Our aim is for you to be able to offer the latest trends and attract more customers.


Before each new season, we invite you to a presentation of the new season’s collection and our various collection options. Here you can meet other distributors and choose the collection that suits your specific needs. For new retailers, we have a very attractively priced collection called the Beginners Collection. It gives an excellent introduction to Capri Collection without major investment or risk – perfect for starting out. In addition to your chosen collection, you get our exclusive and highly popular catalogues – an excellent marketing tool for attracting new and old customers. In addition, we help you set up your own website via Capri Collection, where you can personally welcome our customers. Your customers can buy from the Capri Collection on-line shop via your website. In addition, we offer a wide range of sales materials such as bags, display racks and order pads. Contact us for more information.